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I know what makes him cry and I know what makes him cum. So I win.

—My co-worker, on her ex. (via salveaplath)

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Some people turn sad awfully young. No special reason, it seems, but they seem almost to be born that way. They bruise easier, tire faster, cry quicker, remember longer and, as I say, get sadder younger than anyone else in the world. I know, for I’m one of them.

—Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine (via teenager90s)

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I fucking hate admitting to someone that I miss them. It makes me feel so small and pathetic, because while I’m awake at 4am thinking about you, you probably haven’t thought of me in months. It makes me feel so stupid and I honestly wish I could forget you. But I can’t.


is that a lowercase L or an uppercase i youll never know

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